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The Marriage Bureau for Rich People - Farahad Zama

I finally finished this book. Actually I finished the book on Friday (Aug. 28th). I am sort of getting better at writing reviews right after finishing the book. Another reason is that I am about to finish The Fountainhead and I would hate to write two book reviews back to back.

The book was a very light read. After I started it, I finished it within a week. Here is a quick summary of the book:
Mr. Ali opens a marriage bureau after this retirement. Initially the business is slow, but it starts to flourish, he hires an assistant named Aruna. It turns out she has her own problems regarding her own marriage. One of the clients of Mr. Ali's falls for Aruna and proposes to her. I will leave it to that. I won't say what happens after that.

I felt that the author did a great job capturing the marriage process. The times are changing and more and more people are having love marriages. However, arrange marriage is still the norm in India. Farahad Zama explained the ceremonies as well, which I liked. One more thing that I admired about his writing was the fact that he covered different societies of India without any bias. At least I thought there was no bias in his writing. I have read books where the authors favored one category of people over the other. Biggest example of bias toward characters would be E.M. Forster and his novel, A Passage to India, which I read in 12th grade.

Anyways, for me this book receives 8.5 out of 10.


Sounds like a fun read. Also, the animated tag cloud is cool.