Life...The Most Complicated Thought

The unexamined life is not worth living. ~Socrates

Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri

First of all, I must say Jhumpa Lahiri is an excellent writer. Her writing is simple but beautiful. Secondly, even though her work is fiction, it speaks lots of truth. Same applies to Interpreter of Maladies, which I read last year. I am dying to read Namesake. I loved the movie and it is going to be part of my future DVD collection.

The stories in Unaccustomed Earth were touching. I loved everyone of them. When I finished the last story and listened to the last part, I was trying so hard not to cry. I was driving so it made it easier not to cry. I have not lived long enough to imagine myself in the character's shoes, but I can imagine the possibility if I continued to live here. This county brings a sense of individualism into a person, and sometimes that can be more harmful than beneficial.
All the stories are based on Bengali Indian-Americans and how they became part of the "Melting Pot." The first story, titled "Unaccustomed Earth," is about Roma and her encounter with her father after her mother's death. The story is told from the shoes of Roma and her father. She is worried that he has come to visit her only to live with her and become her burden. Her father is concerned that her daughter does not find out about his girlfriend. Both of these feelings are shunned in India. Kids are suppose to take care of their parents and an adult (especially her father's age) is to live in solitude after spouse's death and not even think about getting into a relationship. The change in these individuals cultural views has changed overtime.

The last story is the most beautiful piece in the story. Jhumpa Lahiri connects the two worlds brilliantly. The end is unexpected, but however not too shocking. I am running out of words to describe her book. I am definitely looking forward to Namesake but I have to find an audio version of it.

I have started Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. After the book, I will watch the movie. So far the book is good.

P.S. I am 21 years and 1 week old. Yay!!!

Special Today...

[singing] Happy Birthday to me!!!

I finally turned 21. The BIG 2-1. It does not feel like it. I don't feel 21 years old. I guess it will take a while to settle. I had a good day. I wouldn't say it was the best but it was good. I think I was expecting TOO much. I think this is where the day messed up. I think I should've just lived it like a normal day but everything extra that happened would have come as a surprise to me. I don't know why birthdays are such a big deal for me. Anywayz, the weekend is still here. Lets hope there is something good in stock for me. But how usually things are for me, I won't be shocked if that doesn't happen either.

I want to do something different. I can't think of anything though. Oh well...I will see Sunday.

Signing out..Good Night!!!

Belated Valentine's Day!!!

Belated Valentine's Day!!!

Finally I got to use this icon..I was waiting for Valentine's but yesterday I didn't even have time to go online. Even today I got a chance but right before going to bed.

Anywayz..Today I went to the concert "Sounds of Hope." I loved it. It was too good. I bow down to these doctors who have dedicated their lives to medicine/research but have kept their passion of music alive as well. I feel as if their passion for music is stronger than my passion for dance and books. I have quit dancing..well almost. I only dance on occasions. Now I am getting back to reading. I quit reading after high school and did not pick up books until after my graduation. Now I sometimes have two books on my "Now reading" list. I think I have taken it to an extreme level. :P

Books are part of me. Sometimes I feel emotions can be expressed better with words on paper. I have read books that brought tears to my eyes or even made me mad. It is scary to know that books/writing have the power to do so. Well I hope that I keep up with this habit of mine. I would love to start back on dancing, maybe take some classes, and learn new style of dancing.

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

Two posts in one day...Damn!!! I am on a

Well, I just recently finished reading The White Tiger: A Novel by Aravind Adiga. It is a brilliant work of fiction. Let me emphasize on two words: NOVEL and FICTION. The situation created in the novel have some but little truth to how things happen in India. He has exaggerated a lot in the novel, thus receiving criticism of others. Sadly, the darkness and the light does exist but not to that extent. The rich do play with the lives of the poor and corruption exists, and there might be some truth in that. However, all of that is changing nowadays. I am justifying for India, because I am an Indian. But thats not the only reason why I am justifying India. What Mr. Adiga has depicted, is how India was 10-20 years ago, and not even to this extent. It is changing, and it is changing for the good.

The book was intriguing. Instead of reading it, I listened to it. It was fun and interesting because I recognized the places and traditions mentioned in the book. I DID NOT like the reader, John Lee. I noticed he has done lots of work, but I think some other reader might have justified the book better. He was neither an Indian nor an outsider. He was stuck somewhere in the middle. He tried too hard to have an indian accent but played according to stereotype. One thing really annoyed me was the way he said Ganga. In English, it is Ganges and in Hindi, it is Ganga (गंगा). He said it like "Ganja" (गांजा) which is a drug. There were several other things he mispronouced. I think he should have done some research before reading this novel.

Overall, I will give this book a 9 out of 10. I think it will be a interesting movie if they ever make it.
Next book is Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri.

Friday the 13th...

This is kind of interesting...Friday the 13th, which is suppose to be the most unluckiest day, is right before Valentines day...I hope nothing bad happens. I do somewhat believe in watching out for black cats :D

Valentines Day..hmmm...thats going to be an interesting one. I look forward to the day and just hope something exciting happens... ;-)

Birthday and Valentines Day are the two most exciting days to me...and lucky for me, they both fall in the same month - February. I am waiting to add marriage anniversary to this list.