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Virtual Bookshelf - Shelfari

I recently read a review of virtual bookshelves online on The blogger "Geekdad" reviewed LibraryThing, GoodReads, and Shelfari. I use Shelfari on my blog and I have seen other bloggers that use LibraryThing and GoodReads. I wondered how these sites were but I was too lazy to check them out. I am pleased with Shelfari.

I like how the bookshelves widgets look on my blog. I just don't like the fact that I cannot make more categories on there. The categories are "Reading now," "Favorites," .... You get the idea. I wanted to make categories like "Books I read in 2008," "2009," and so on. However, I was able to accomplish that on Facebook's Virtual Bookshelf. But, the problem is, both virtual bookshelves do not match. I will have to match these two and make sure all the books are included and I am too lazy for that.

Anywayz, GeekDad's results were:
After working with all three sites for the past month, I concluded that LibraryThing is the best site of the three for maintaining and organizing your book collection. GoodReads is close second if you want to share your reading habits with your friends. Shelfari is a distant third.
I am somewhat disappointed that Shelfari got last. It is a good site, except for the whole list deal. Oh well...I don't think I am going to switch. Here is a link to the article: Catalog Your Books Online

Time to sign out and start packing...almost time to leave and head to the library to study :(