Life...The Most Complicated Thought

The unexamined life is not worth living. ~Socrates

March for Babies

I walked for March for Babies yesterday. It was my third year participating in the fundraising and the walk. The walk was pleasant. I met new people, who were friendly even after they found out that I am an internal auditor of the company. Usually that is when people rather get a mean look on their faces. I guess these individuals had not been in the company for long. I am just joking about the mean look part.

The weather was nice and windy. The walk was five miles with rest areas every mile. At the first stop, Continental Airlines had set up a stage and there were Hawaiian dancers there. Their dancing moves were hot. Here I am at 3-mile checkpoint:

Somewhere down the walk, we saw Mr. Snuggles, the bear. I still do not know which company he was representing. I felt sorry for the person in the bear costume since it was hot outside. I think somewhere around 4 miles, the person just could not take it anymore and had to step out because we saw deflated Mr. Snuggles. I did not take a picture of that but that was funny. I believe the person finished the 5-mile walk in the bear costume. I bet he lost a bet with his co-workers and had to wear the costume. Anyways, here is a picture of Mr. Snuggles from the back:

Close to the finish, the volunteers were distributing Blue Bell ice cream sandwiches. We made it to back to our company tent and enjoyed the cake. There was food but I skipped it since I am a vegetarian and it was all non-veg. My goal was to raise $110 and I successfully raised $110.  I am hoping that next year we can make it bigger. Our company only raised about $6,500 and our goal was $20,000. I think everyone is feeling the pinch. I am looking forward to next year's walk.

I believe my next break will be when Shrek 3D will be released. I am looking forward to that movie.