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Not So Happy Post

There are certain people and things I cannot stand. I HATE people who prey on children. In my opinion, they should not be shown any mercy and should be granted a death penalty. I know this is little too extreme, but I do not think they have any right to ruin anybody's life like that. What prompted this post? Rathore is found guilty and sent to jail.

Background: He was a cop who preyed upon Ruchika, a 14-year old girl (1990). After which, Rathore used his position and power to trouble her family and three years later, Ruchika committed suicide (1993). IBNLive and Times of India are stating that Ruchika (the victim) finally got justice. That is a bunch of BS. She got "justice" after 20 years. The definition of "Justice" for these newspapers is 18 months in jail. 18 MONTHS!!!! 18 months is nothing in comparison to what he did, and I say let him stay there until his last breath. I read the news yesterday and as expressed in this post, it just made me mad. This is not justice. 18-month jail time does not send a strong message to these kinds of people. They will continue to ruin the lives of children and get away with this heinous crime.

Seriously, Indian judicial system needs to reconsider the punishment for crimes such as these. The maximum jail time is 2 years. Only 2 YEARS!!! It is time for some serious changes...


Don't worry, you're not too extreme in this case. That guy deserves life penalty!!!!! He killed her life he loses his life. The Indian court needs to get a nice slap in the face! ~haha~


I understand the "innocent until proven guilty" concept. However, he is proven guilty, so hang him and end it!

More extreme case: It took the courts more than a year to sentence Kasab. I know there are political pressures but these two cases made me lose my faith in the system.