Life...The Most Complicated Thought

The unexamined life is not worth living. ~Socrates

Most Joyous Occasion - Weddings

On Saturday, I attended a wedding. It was such a heart-warming experience. We saw the Groom's excitement as he waited for his bride/soon-to-be his wife. Then everyone sent him away because he was not suppose to see her before the wedding. Then the ceremony started. The groom stood at the front of the church waiting for the bride. We all turned around waiting for her as well. We saw her standing there with her brother as he walked her down the isle. That moment was ... (I do not even have words to describe it)...beautiful...joyous...

She stood next to him. The priest/father started the ceremony. Everything he said was in Spanish, so I did not understand a single word. Nevertheless, when the groom turned around to say his vows (I think), I saw the bride brush away her tears. I just watched her and saw how important this day was for her. I was very happy to be part of this day, and felt special that she had included me. After about 30 minutes, the wedding was over. The bride and the groom walked out holding hands. Her mother was shaken up, knowing that her daughter has stepped in a new life, and was no longer just a daughter. She has now become a wife, and will someday become a mother.

After the church, we went to the reception hall. The bride and the groom ate, and we waited. We waited for them to start the celebration. The bride visited her family, which included her in-laws now, and the groom did the same. The DJ started the music to catch everyone's attention and asked the audience to watch a slideshow honoring the bride and the groom. Again, that was beautiful. Finally the time came, when the couple danced. They danced hand-in-hand. That was beautiful. I could not stay to watch them cut the cake (white wedding cake for the bride and Corona cake for the groom :p)

While watching and enjoying all this, I thought about the day when my day will come and my prince will come. I was sitting there dreaming and hoping for the best.

Congratulations to Saul and Melly! I wish both of best of luck with all the happiness in the world.