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And Then There were None

Source: Alley Theatre Website
Last Sunday (July 31st) we went to watch the play And Then There were None presented by Alley Theatre. The following picture is from the play:

Source: Alley Theatre Website > Photos of the Play

We had really nice seats and could hear and see everything very clearly. The play was 2 hours and 30 minutes long with two intermissions. There was only one stage set-up. Initially, I wondered how they were going to manage because parts of the book take place outside the manor. The play was beautifully done despite the setting limitation. 

Among the four of us, I was the only one who had read the book. I knew what was next. I knew the sequence of the deaths. The ending was changed, which was unexpected. I enjoyed it nonetheless. The novel's ending is definitely better but I understand why it had to be changed for the play.

I think the other three enjoyed the play as well. Two of them have asked me to be on a lookout for other plays. One of them has expressed a desire to see the play Mousetrap by Agatha Christie. I don't think they have that play in US. The play I want to see is Wicked The Musical. Maybe we will see it when we go to New York or London. I know there is a play in Austin next February. Maybe we will catch that one. All I know that I want to watch it soon!!!

I read the book And Then There were None at the beginning of this year and enjoyed it very much. Ever since then, I have been wanting to watch the Bollywood movie, Gumnaam and other adaptations. I think I watched Gumnaam when I was little. I want to re-watch it and find out who the murderer was in the movie. If you have not read the book, what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest bookstore and pick up a copy. If you like to read it online, there are plenty of free legal copies online.

That is it for today. Time to disappear again!


I've read and love the book and a fwe years back I saw And Then There Were None in London. I was surprised that the ending was changed, but I agree, it makes sense. I've also seen Wicked a couple times and it's wonderful! You should definitely see it if you get the chance. I saw Mousetrap in London as well and it was good, but not nearly as good as And Then There Were None.


I know, I think I have read this book some time ago - but I cannot remember it. I am sure I have seen that movie - but cannot remember it either. I have to read and watch again :)


@Melissa: We are hoping to catch Wicked next year in a near by town or catch it in New York. I don't think they show Mousetrap in US so will have to make a trip to London to see the show and visit all HP-related places.


@Veens: Definitely re-read the book.


knowing the story in advane spoils the fun for some.
But I fail to understand why do they always (and I repeat always) change the story from the book.


Have you read the book? I don't think it is possible to play the ending as it is in the book on such small stage.

Also, I think I was lot more excited than my fellow viewer because I knew the story. I wanted to see how they would enact certain murders.


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I read the book sometime back and enjoyed it... never really got a chance to see it so I am happy to be with the memory and characters that book etched in my mind.
Nice blog btw :)


Thank you goingbeyondthepages.