Life...The Most Complicated Thought

The unexamined life is not worth living. ~Socrates

Heaven Yesterday...Hell Today!

Yesterday was amazing. The snow brought in a new atmosphere...Gloomy day suddenly became a day filled with laughter. It was like heaven on earth. It started around 8 I believe. Here is the picture of plants outside the house:

We got ready to go out wearing heavy snow jackets (the ones I bought when I went to Chicago...finally some use for them). We took pictures and played in the snow. Then our neighbor came out and their 2 little kids started playing with us. Then the parents went to the backyard and brought back buckets full of snow that had piled up on their trampolines. Finally, being completely numb, I went inside and got under the cozy blanket to keep warm. The next picture shows more snow:
This morning when I woke up, it was still white. It was damn cold though. Before leaving for work, I took more pictures:

It was all good until I left my house. I got on I-10, and in few minutes, I crossed an accident on the opposite lane, where an 18-wheeler was overturned and a car was burned to nothing. I just wish nobody was hurt. I also felt bad for the people stuck in traffic behind that accident. I know that feeling.
Then I crossed another two accidents, and in one, the car's front was complete gone. Again, I wish nobody was hurt. I finally got to work. When parking in the garage, we were told the the top floor is all iced, so I had to park at the very end. I was super late to office today.

Then when I read the news, I saw an article in Houston Chronicle titled, "Unusually High Number of Traffic Accidents Reported." So that didn't help how I was feeling. Then on CNN, they just released that they found some child remains near Anthony's home. I have been following this story, and I was just wishing that Caylee was not dead. I am sad that her life had to come to an end at such an early age, and her own mother was somehow involved. She was just a little girl. Makes me sad to know that people like Casey Anthony exist in this world, who are so cold-hearted that they go to such extent as to hurt their own child. I hope she gets what she deserves.

I hope we will have a safe winter.