Life...The Most Complicated Thought

The unexamined life is not worth living. ~Socrates

Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri

First of all, I must say Jhumpa Lahiri is an excellent writer. Her writing is simple but beautiful. Secondly, even though her work is fiction, it speaks lots of truth. Same applies to Interpreter of Maladies, which I read last year. I am dying to read Namesake. I loved the movie and it is going to be part of my future DVD collection.

The stories in Unaccustomed Earth were touching. I loved everyone of them. When I finished the last story and listened to the last part, I was trying so hard not to cry. I was driving so it made it easier not to cry. I have not lived long enough to imagine myself in the character's shoes, but I can imagine the possibility if I continued to live here. This county brings a sense of individualism into a person, and sometimes that can be more harmful than beneficial.
All the stories are based on Bengali Indian-Americans and how they became part of the "Melting Pot." The first story, titled "Unaccustomed Earth," is about Roma and her encounter with her father after her mother's death. The story is told from the shoes of Roma and her father. She is worried that he has come to visit her only to live with her and become her burden. Her father is concerned that her daughter does not find out about his girlfriend. Both of these feelings are shunned in India. Kids are suppose to take care of their parents and an adult (especially her father's age) is to live in solitude after spouse's death and not even think about getting into a relationship. The change in these individuals cultural views has changed overtime.

The last story is the most beautiful piece in the story. Jhumpa Lahiri connects the two worlds brilliantly. The end is unexpected, but however not too shocking. I am running out of words to describe her book. I am definitely looking forward to Namesake but I have to find an audio version of it.

I have started Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. After the book, I will watch the movie. So far the book is good.

P.S. I am 21 years and 1 week old. Yay!!!