Life...The Most Complicated Thought

The unexamined life is not worth living. ~Socrates

Beware of the Birth of May...

The title of the blog comes from the novel, The Sweet Far Thing. Since my last post, I have read/listened to five books. So that tells me that it takes about 2 months to finish five books, granted that the last book was only 3.5 hours long.

Besides books, a lot has happened in past 2 months. I got Lasik done, so no more glasses/contacts. Yay!!! The experience was interesting. There was fear but it was overcome by desire of clear vision. Now my vision is better than 20/20. So now when I wake up, I see everything clearly. No more squinting to see the time. :-P But even though my glasses are gone, I am still a nerd at heart.

Then it was my best friend's birthday so had a surprise party. That was too much fun. I am still waiting on pictures.

I had my first CPA exam. That experience was scary. I am not so sure what will happen but I have my fingers crossed. I am hoping and praying that I pass. I don't want to look at that stuff again. I started studying for the second exam, but that is not going so good. I have 2 months to be prepared.

Last but not the least, March for Dimes happened. I collected $100 and walked 5 miles. I think it is an awesome cause, as these babies will be our future. I also got a cute teddy bear. :-)
I made up for a month and a half of disappearance from Blogger, and wrote three blogs today. Lol.