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The unexamined life is not worth living. ~Socrates

The Sweet Far Thing: Book Review

I listened to the book on CD, and it was 20 hours long. I noticed some people complain how it was 800+ pages to read. I totally agree with them. It was too darn long. I felt that Libba Bray was valuing quantity over quality. I felt that this was the worst book in the series. All the events that happened in the first two novels were repeated with details in this novel, which was very annoying.

There was no character development. Their stories were same old. Ann is the depressing one. Felicity was intolerable. Pippa was the predictable one and Gemma was brainless. Along with that, they are all very childish and selfish. Every single decision Gemma took was wrong. The friendship was filled with backstabbing and treachery. The end is the only time when you can truly call their relationship friendship. The only character that seems to make sense was Kartik. I loved his character, but the ending ruined it all.

The ending was much unexpected, but did not make any sense just like rest of the novel. The plot did not make sense. Overall, I was disappointed. I think the author could have done so much more with the last book in the series. To me, this book was a disappointment in comparison to the first two novels.