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The unexamined life is not worth living. ~Socrates

For One More Day: Book Review

This was one of the most beautiful stories I have read in my entire life. I listened to the story during my commute to work. I finished the book this morning, and I wanted to turn around, go home, and hug my mom. I think after reading For One More Dayby Albom Mitch, I appreciate and respect my parents a lot more.

I think everyone has those moments in their lives when they think that their mom nags too much or is controlling. This book shines a light on what is behind those nags. I think everyone should give this book a chance, especially today's teenagers. I know I am going to make my brother read this book, and maybe after that, he will appreciate my mom and her cooking a lot more. JK :)

You know what they say, "You never truly appreciate someone until they are gone." Just a word of advice: You will cry while reading this, so make sure you have a box of Kleenex by your side.