Life...The Most Complicated Thought

The unexamined life is not worth living. ~Socrates

Don't Judge a Book... its cover. I think almost everybody in this world have heard this saying. I agree with the literal and metaphorical meaning of the statement. However, whenever I pick my next book, I can't help but judge the book by its cover.

Whenever I chose a book, I consider the following:
  • The story/plot of the book
  • If it was recommended, it usually goes to my TBR list automatically, (unless it is non-fiction...then have to do a little research)
  • If I see a review on the book blogs I follow
  • Usually Facebook's Visual Bookshelf and Shelfari's reviews
  • The book cover.
Recently, (sometime last week), I was browsing through the non-fiction audio books section (I occassionally do that). One audio book caught my eye because the spine of the book was colorful. I just had to pick it up and it was none other than Amy Sedaris (David Sedaris's sister). I will listen to it soon (a colleague is borrowing it right now.) Here is what I know:
  • Plot: something to do with hospitality
  • Recommendation: Not really....I had read something about her promoting the book and that got me interested.
  • Review: Waiting for the colleague to finish. She said she is enjoying it so far.
  • I haven't looked on Facebook or Shelfari but I have a slight idea what they will say.
  • The book cover: was interesting. Have a look yourself.

Anyways, time to sleep. It wasn't such a good day and on top of that, didn't get much accomplished. I have my exam next week on the 25th. Good Night.