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Sisters Eight Book 1 & 2 - Book Reviews

Last week I read first two books for Sisters Eight series: Annie's Adventures (Book 1) and Durinda's Dangers (Book 2). I believe there are total of five books out and I think there will be total of either eight or nine books.

Series Sisters Eight is about octuplets (and eight cats) whose parents disappear on New Year's Eve. They have to figure out what happened to their parents, while keeping in mind that nobody should find out about disappear of their parents. If somebody finds out, then the sisters will be separated. They find unsigned notes that tell them that they each have a power and a gift that they have to find. The oldest, Annie, finds her power and her gift in the first book and Durinda, the second older, finds hers in the second book.

The stories were cute and quite unreal. They learn how to drive a car and go shopping. I think all the kids should read these books and adults can check these out for some light reading. Overall, I enjoyed it. I give them 8.5/10. I can't wait to get my hands on rest of the books of the series.